Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who knew what an almond looked like in his birthday suit

One of our friends here named Mona knows a lot about things that grow. We see a lot of flowering almond trees all over. The white flowers are sweet almonds and the pink are bitter almonds. I will show you a picture of the trees at a later time but here is the cute and fuzzy little almond in his birthday suit.

Pretty cute , don't you think. Now that I have taken a picture of it I will peel it and show you the inside but it will have to be tomorrow. I am preparing to leave here ( at the crack of 9 , Becky , I am reminded of your classes in Stockholm ) It will be a very exciting day visiting the Pablo Picasso museum in Malaga. It isn't with "our" group , but we exchange people when there is a need to fill a bus. We had some of their folks going with us to Alhambra. I could not miss this opportunity when it was presented. The museum is in his home where he was born and raised. Kristina isn't going but she urged me to go.
Stay tuned !

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