Thursday, April 30, 2015

Från vinter till sommarvärme på en dag !

Idag har vi rena sommarvärmen plötsligt ! Råkade märka att Joel har tulpaner i komposten !

Hönerna trivs också där !

Så här fina är mina blommor nu i solskenet. Tog tydligen ingen skada av snö och kallt.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Stackers tulpaner

Nu är snön på väg att smälta. 
Solen skiner och all snön är nog borta till kvällen här i trädgården. Antagligen dröjer det litet längre uppe på fjället. Men visst är det vackert ! Och torra Colorado behöver sån här blötsnö .

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mina favorite killar

Natalie skickade en gullig bild av killarna idag. Brandmans uniform som regnplagg . Det var en bra dag för en sån idag med allt vårt regn

The elk herd

Så här ser det ut hos närmsta grannarna idag. Snart ska det bli kalvar också.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chrissan och killarna

Hej Kristina !
Skickar en bild av mig och Clarence med bästisen Truman. Vi hade inga koppel med oss och fick använda min halsduk när en massa rådjur plötsligt dök upp . Men det fungerade och dom satt så fint.

Fest I hönsgården

En av mina vänner sände mig hem med godis till hönsen som tack för äggen vi delade med oss av.

Oj så glada dom blev ! Vatten melon är deras favorit !

The silence before the storm

Det sägs att det ska bli vinter igen så jag skyndade mig ut för att ta bild på mina fina tulpaner ( och några vackra maskrosor kom också med i bilden )

Och vackra ägg som mina gamla hönor har gett oss. Vi får mellan sex och nio ägg om dagen från våra fyra år gamla höns. Dom är totalt femton stycken och en del är flitigare än andra .

Thursday, April 23, 2015

För dig Kristina

Hos Anne och Bosses . Ser du fina Cash , Maddes hund som fick vara med.

Bosse hittade ett kort från länge sen. Hittar du mig ? Och Lotta ? Kul , eller hur !

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back home with my "friends"

Joel has obviously kept my birds coming to the feeders. We even have the hummingbirds here although not many.
Here are some pictures of this morning's breakfast guests. Makes that morning cup of coffee so enjoyable ( enyoyable for those of you who know Swenglish )

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'm leaving on a jet plane.....

Sitting at the Arlanda airport with this picture fresh on my mind from this morning. A special treat from Janne on our way to the airport. Took my mind off the flying :-)

There are several moose just up the road from Lotta and Jannes house. What a treat !

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Packed and ready

Packed and ready to leave Stockholm this morning. Looking forward to a lunch with high school friends .......we graduated 50 years ago !
Leaving Sweden on Friday morning to return to Colorado. I'm ready to be back home  even though the time has gone fast and Kristina and I have had a great time :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great visit to the museum

Today , my last day in Stockholm turned into a wonderful day. I went to see a textile exhibit at Thielska Museum on Blockhusudden . This has been a favorite place to visit for years by my father ( one of the last places he could find his way to after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's ) and my mother ( she loved the good homemade baked goods and food in the cafeteria ) 
Becky Joel and I never miss a visit here when we are in Stockholm. I was lucky enough to catch a textile exhibit by a weaver named Veronica Nygren. She was about my age but unfortunately died several years ago from cancer. The exhibit was wonderful and I can't wait to come home and tell my friends in our tapestry group. I bought the catalog/book so I can share all about her. 

This one is called "skynda" which means hurry. Check the phone which was left with the receiver off the hook. They were off to attend a protest march. Veronica wove politics and modern life into her pieces. Some are quite large but others small exquisite pieces.
Flower motifs I really liked woven from side to side.

On my way home a spotted some of my favorite wildflowers " vitsippor"
Spring has sprung :-)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dinner in my room

Relaxing in another part of the hotel , Nordic C. They have the most interesting wall papers.
This time I took a cheap room without windows. It's more like a closet . Some of you saw this in blog entries last year. The wallpaper makes it look like part of "Gamla Stan"  ( old town ) 
Skål !

My grandkids are having fun without me ! They came to celebrate granny's 90th birthday and to keep Farfar company. They did a good job I'm told. And had fun dressing up.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Visit with Siv

One of Kristina's friends is a wonderful weaver as well as does embroidery , leatherwork , quilting and knitting . Just a few examples .....

Back to Stockholm !

Time to head back to Stockholm for the last few days before flying back home! As nice as visiting with auntie is , I have to admit I'm ready to come home.
We finished our visit the way we started with a visit to Toppstugan. It was wonderful as always.

I hope the airplane is able to lift with all my extra lbs :-)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Blowing away !

Today I have no new pictures. It was blowing so hard I was afraid for my very tiny aunt ! I felt like I needed to attach her to my side !
Benefit of the wind.....all the ice on the "sound" or bay disappeared just like that.
We celebrated Kia's birthday today . She turned six. What a sweetie !

Speaking of is a picture that made my day today ! Thanks Natalie !

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring has sprung in Härnösand

And then we have Kristinas Orchides  in the windows ! Just beautiful. These are just two of many .

Friendly face on TV !

Remember our friend we visited on his 91st birthday ? I wrote about it in an earlier post.

His name is Karl-Erik Fichtelius. He is a professor and an expert on dolphins and how they learn and communicate.
We turned on the TV and a program from 20 years ago , "Here is your life" came on featuring our friend "Figge" !

How fun was that ! He was as full of fun then as he is today. Loved challenges and adventures. At his summer house he had built a "Tarzan jungle " with swinging ropes and all kinds of challenges. My family as well as some members of the Lions club in Pueblo ( hi Holly, remember the crazy professor) 
got to try this out. That visit and meeting "Foppas" family ( hockey player with the Avalanche) I think were high lights of the trip to Sweden for the Lions group !
There are 20 years between the two pictures of Figge. Pretty amazing :-)

Back home to Härnösand

Reade to hop on The bus ! We took the Y-bus back "home". Check out my flowery suitcase . (It came in handy as it turns out) 
Partway home the bus broke down. The doors would not close from the inside. At that point , there was a change of driver so we were closed in by the driver on the outside. I was a bit nervous about how we would get out !

So we took a "selfie" :-) 

At the next stop we were met by another driver who let us out and we changed buses. Everyone had to move their own luggage. What had started out as a well organized luggage compartment was now total chaos. You have seen my suitcases......I had no problem keeping track of it and kept Kristina's bag next to mine. Nobody could take ours by mistake.
 We got home safely.
 People complain about the trains in this country and like the buses so much better. This was the first time I have experienced problems. And we were only half an hour late in the end !