Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Special birthday dinner

Tonight Kristina and I went out all by ourselves and had a feast, just the two of us. I was reminded of celebrating a special birthday dinner in Portland where the waiter also made it a special event. 

We are having a very good time my aunt and I :-) !

Day trip......

Earlier today we went by bus to another little town named Nerja. There are lots of cute stores and Kristina found some new duds. Picture below...

There are some special traditions with the trip to Nerja. We sing a song in "canon" , three groups , on the Europa "dock" so named by Prince Alfonso . After this some various items are raffled out by drawing names. One item , a scarf which everyone has taken a turn to knit on during the trip. 

This year it was won by Bert. He was our accordion player and really deserved a prize. I wish I could post the video so you could get the full measure of this event. :-) 
Another great day. Only four days left but we will make the most of it I'm sure. Another big boule event tomorrow afternoon. We may have to look in to this "sport" at home ! It sure is popular in Sweden as well as here in Spain.

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