Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another very windy day

Two days of very windy weather. Puts a damper on activities. In spite of that Kristina saved the day in yesterday's boule competition by rallying at the end to pull off a win for the last of the "bus teams" so that everyone was happy with 8 wins for the "flyers" and 8 wins for the "bussers". 
Such focus....they were down with 8-2 but through her efforts won by 13-11 . This tiny person has an incredible strong will to win ! And focus , even in "hurricane winds" ( well , not quite but windy enough to blow things off course )

We ate our chirimayo yesterday. It tastes like a very sweet smooth pear. With lots of seeds. I saved the seeds to grow but our cleaning person threw them out. Probably illegal to bring them into the country anyway.

Took a nice long walk to the other end of the waterfront this am . Much less wind and beautiful beaches there too. You can walk for miles !

There are lots of nice sculptures placed along the way. 

I saw a bookstore along the way with a book about the history of Almunecar. I need to find out more about the last three Mores who were executed. There are sculptures of the three headless men in several places.
Here is a picture of our light lunch ! Lots of fun and laughter !

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