Saturday, March 15, 2014

Almunecar has old history

Today we walked up to the old "Borg" . Almunecar has been here a very long time .
There are some reminders of old times all around. Somehow the city has resisted total elimination of the old in favor of tourism. There is an archeological museum ( have not visited yet) and the old "fortress " amongst other reminders. 
I need to find out more about the three statues of the bodies who were decapitated. My picture doesn't want to download from the phone so it will appear at a later time.
There is a statue of one of the old founders as well.

Tomorrow we make our trek to Alhambra which is just magical with all the mosaic. Can't wait to see it again. My posts have re arranged themselves when I didn't realize things never downloaded so for those who may not have seen the update, Auntie Kristina is back up and running. The foot has recovered and the cold is mostly over and the fever down ! PHEW !!

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