Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wandering in Almunecar

Today is a "blank" day and I have been wandering around in Almunecar. Found a hyacinth which looks like the healthy version of mine at home !

There was an "Oreo" along the way who kept me company !

I walked along the beach and came to the end of the beach front and there was a curious stone  staircase. I ventured out but saw nothing but an empty beach . It was a cloudy overcast day today. Two elderly gentlemen stood there talking and sort of looking across the empty beach. Turns out this is the "nudist" beach.  One of the members of our group who is not "quite right" had gone there and came back complaining that everyone was laying on their tummies .....:-) ! Nobody there today anyhow. Not a very soft and sandy beach either.

Today the only brightness came from the pretty flowers growing on the rock wall

Another nice relaxing day. We finished it at a neighborhood restaurant with friends. The hotel food is beginning to look like the buffet at Furr's cafeteria. One has to reach out for a bit of variety. Actually this is a good thing . Makes us practice portion control. The first few days everyone went all out and suffered the consequences. 

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  1. The flower is a hibiscus, and yours at home has had several nice blooms