Monday, March 30, 2015

Morning walk

Every morning I sit with my cup of coffee and watch as every doggie owner comes out for their morning "potty" walk. It generally starts with the young poodle and progresses to the cocker the Wheaton terrier and so on . Imagine my surprise when one of the first pairs who appeared looked like this !

Turns out the owner is not very social so my picture is taken through my window (basement apartment)
It is indeed a BMD and a PWD  . I was sure it was a border collie when I saw the white spotted leg but as it turns out it is another Clarence , a PWD with the "incorrect coat" .  She is 9 yo and the berner boy just turned one. You can set your clocks on who comes out when.....these guys are the 8:33 am team. Later we have two pointers , one German one English coming tp play ball . I'm thinking this is a lot like around your park , Marcia. Everyone "owns" a certain time slot. Anyhow , it is pretty neat to have my "own combination" walk by my window each morning.

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