Sunday, March 22, 2015

Härnösand first week

It's been a week already almost and we have had a great relaxing time here is a picture out my window ( I'm in a basement apartment but with lots of windows )

No new snow so far but I can see from the big piles left over that they have had their share.
Kristina and I start each day with a walk about 2km and then come back for our yoghurt . Each of us have coffe on our own in the am which we both treasure as our start up time.
Last night was especially great with a "direct streaming" from the royal opera theater in Stockholm to the very nice thater here in Härnösand of Otello. It was wonderful and something I had not seen before.
We have found something different to entertain us each day with dinner invitations etc. tomorrow I will meet with friends at the Synålens vänner , a group of "knitters and sewers" etc many of whom I have met before. 
Quiet time at the end of the day !

Taking care of Kia , a favorite activity. She comes to visit when her owners who own and run the cab company have an extra busy time. Doggie hugs ......I love it !

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