Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jazz in Härnösand

Last night I was invited to go with my friend Annette to a jazz club . It's in a "used to be " movie theatre in "downtown " Härnösand . Very charming and cozy. You sit at tables with your beer or wine or whatever ( reminded me of going to the old movie theater with Becky in Portland ) I wish I could download a video but the blog doesn't want me to....
There should have been a picture here but has disappeared. 
Monday I was invited to a guild meeting with a bunch of ladies . At least I have a picture of that. My stupid iPad keeps telling me it can't take or save pictures even though I have dumped most of what I have hopefully they are saved on some other apparatus. Very frustrating.
The knitting guild                                                      Some of these ladies are also weavers !

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