Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great visit to the museum

Today , my last day in Stockholm turned into a wonderful day. I went to see a textile exhibit at Thielska Museum on Blockhusudden . This has been a favorite place to visit for years by my father ( one of the last places he could find his way to after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's ) and my mother ( she loved the good homemade baked goods and food in the cafeteria ) 
Becky Joel and I never miss a visit here when we are in Stockholm. I was lucky enough to catch a textile exhibit by a weaver named Veronica Nygren. She was about my age but unfortunately died several years ago from cancer. The exhibit was wonderful and I can't wait to come home and tell my friends in our tapestry group. I bought the catalog/book so I can share all about her. 

This one is called "skynda" which means hurry. Check the phone which was left with the receiver off the hook. They were off to attend a protest march. Veronica wove politics and modern life into her pieces. Some are quite large but others small exquisite pieces.
Flower motifs I really liked woven from side to side.

On my way home a spotted some of my favorite wildflowers " vitsippor"
Spring has sprung :-)

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