Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Friendly face on TV !

Remember our friend we visited on his 91st birthday ? I wrote about it in an earlier post.

His name is Karl-Erik Fichtelius. He is a professor and an expert on dolphins and how they learn and communicate.
We turned on the TV and a program from 20 years ago , "Here is your life" came on featuring our friend "Figge" !

How fun was that ! He was as full of fun then as he is today. Loved challenges and adventures. At his summer house he had built a "Tarzan jungle " with swinging ropes and all kinds of challenges. My family as well as some members of the Lions club in Pueblo ( hi Holly, remember the crazy professor) 
got to try this out. That visit and meeting "Foppas" family ( hockey player with the Avalanche) I think were high lights of the trip to Sweden for the Lions group !
There are 20 years between the two pictures of Figge. Pretty amazing :-)

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