Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Back home to Härnösand

Reade to hop on The bus ! We took the Y-bus back "home". Check out my flowery suitcase . (It came in handy as it turns out) 
Partway home the bus broke down. The doors would not close from the inside. At that point , there was a change of driver so we were closed in by the driver on the outside. I was a bit nervous about how we would get out !

So we took a "selfie" :-) 

At the next stop we were met by another driver who let us out and we changed buses. Everyone had to move their own luggage. What had started out as a well organized luggage compartment was now total chaos. You have seen my suitcases......I had no problem keeping track of it and kept Kristina's bag next to mine. Nobody could take ours by mistake.
 We got home safely.
 People complain about the trains in this country and like the buses so much better. This was the first time I have experienced problems. And we were only half an hour late in the end !

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