Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Final day report from Almunecar

Tonight we have had a "goodbye party" with awards and "thank yous" and lots of hugs.
Kristina won the day when coming from behind she saved the day for the bus team ! Pretty cool. She is very popular in this group as those of you who have met her will totally understand.

The waiters treated us extra special well tonight. This is Antonio, our very favorite who actually speaks Swedish and wore his special tie for the occasion. I believe he may have a Swedish "sambo" 

Yesterday I didn't share with you but we also had a "sangria party" at a family owned restaurant  near by. Our "girl waiter , Diana and her family served about sixty of us the best Sangria I have ever had along with yummy tapas.
Kristina wasn't  quite as excited about this party but it was fun.

This is our leader guide Margareta who is the best ever ! This year was the tenth anniversary for this group to come to Almunecar with Margareta. Some people here this year have been along every year , some were here on the first and only missed a few over the years. It was Kristina's sixth time plus we have also been to Italy with Margareta.
Tomorrow morning the bus folks go off towards Sweden through some wonderful parts of Spain, France and Germany. It will take them six days to get home. I did that trip last year. 
The rest of us will fly from Malaga to Stockholm and then by bus the last bit to the north parts of Sweden where most of them live. I will fly back to the US the following morning. Quite a trip for those of you who have followed along. I can't believe how fast the last three weeks have gone ! It has actually been almost five weeks since I left Colorado by the time I get home. I am ready to hug my boys....( Joel and Clarnce)

Signing off for now. By the time I do blog entries again I hope to have mastered the skill of placing pictures where I want them and maybe even be able to post some of the short videos ! The singing skills of this group is "awesome" !!
Hugs to all and see many of you soon !

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